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Embarking on a professional journey rooted in a tapestry of hands-on experience my story begins with a foundational understanding of the challenges faced by small business.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in hospitality and retail management, I've been at the frontline of business operations, managing the ebb and flow of day-to-day challenges while nurturing a growing expertise in bookkeeping for several small local businesses.

This unique blend of practical management and financial oversight provided a solid groundwork for my academic pursuits.

My commitment to excellence and a desire to empower businesses propelled me forward, leading to the completion of my studies in 2016.

Armed with multiple Diploma's, for Accounting, Business, and Management, alongside qualifications such as certified Xero Advisor, a Tax Practitioners Board Registered BAS Agent and a Voting Member of the Australian Bookkeepers Association, I've amassed a comprehensive toolkit to support new and growing businesses.

In 2022, driven by a passion for helping others and a vision for creating a more accessible path to business success, I established my own business.

Recognising the unique challenges and opportunities faced by startups, my services are meticulously designed to ensure your business not only launches successfully but thrives.

From registering your new venture and developing a robust business plan to setting up efficient accounting software for seamless account management, payroll, and invoicing, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Your journey to business success is a path we walk together.

With a foundation built on comprehensive education, practical experience, and a network of professional support, I am here to ensure you not only reach but exceed your business aspirations.

Whether you’ve fallen behind on the books or want to ask us about start-up assistance,

I can help.

~ Cassie

CBAS - Cassie Ede

Code of Conduct

CBAS adheres to high standards

At CBAS, I follow the Tax Practitioners Board's interpretation of the Code of Professional Conduct which regulates my personal and professional conduct as a registered BAS agent and Bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Paperwork

The Code of Professional Conduct for BAS Agents outlines essential principles across five key areas:

Honesty and integrity




Other responsibilities

It mandates that BAS Agents act with honesty, comply with tax laws, manage conflicts of interest, and maintain client confidentiality. Additionally, it requires agents to provide competent service, undertake continuous education, and adhere to taxation laws accurately.

Agents are also obliged to facilitate the proper administration of tax laws, inform clients of their rights, maintain requisite professional indemnity insurance, and respond appropriately to the Tax Practitioners Board.

Why Choose Us

My Solutions

General Bookkeeping

Remote / Paperless Record Keeping with Xero

Bank Reconciliations

Bulk Data Entry

Monthly or fortnightly Invoicing

BAS/IAS Preparation & Lodgement

Super Guarantee preparation and lodgement

Payroll Services

Cash flow tracking

Start-Up Assistance

Ensuring you have the correct registration with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Initial set up of invoicing / accounting software and training

Ensuring software compliance with the ATO

Bookkeeping & Start-Up Business Support.

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