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Start-Up Assistance

No matter how small your operation, it’s important to get your bookkeeping correct right from the beginning.

Discover my start-up assistance services.

Why do I need Start-Up Assistance?

When starting a new business, it’s crucial to implement thorough record keeping strategies. Sophisticated financial systems may not seem like a priority when you’re worrying about your product or service, business premises, finding the right staff, marketing strategies and so much more.

However, an Excel spreadsheet and a drawer of receipts will only get you so far.

Trained in bookkeeping services, I can assist you in implementing modern accounting software, along with other tried-and-tested solutions to keep your business’ finances on track.

Why Choose Us

Start-Up Assistance

Hit the ground running

Setting up Payroll

Managing your accounts

Ensuring compliance with ATO requirements

BAS Preparation & lodgement

Payroll preparation & lodgement

Implementing the right accounting software

Assistance with government grant applications

Bookkeeping & Start-Up Business Support.

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